Wairoa Gorge 8 December 2019 – Volunteers

Thinking of Volunteering at the Enduro2? Here’s what you can expect!

You might know that Enduro2 is an established event over in Europe that generally attracts a huge international audience. The first event at the Gorge will be a much smaller, low-key, local-riders affair, but that should mean even more good vibes and a relaxing, fun day out for all involved.

It will be an early start – 1st shuttle will be aiming for 8h30 departure so we would aim to be at the Gorge ready to go at 7h30 latest. We should be all done and dusted by 5pm latest. If anyone is super-keen then there will be a few opportunities to help out with course marking on Saturday 7th December too – which will also involve a thorough “testing out” of the course as well, naturally.


All volunteers will be invited to attend an essential pre-event briefing the week before, which will include bbq/food and beers.

Everyone who helps out will be thanked with a paid local shuttle day soon after (or a voucher for Helibike / Gravity Shuttles) – something like a few runs in invo or sharlands, fringed etc. Lunch will be provided and travel expenses / pooled vehicles out and back from Nelson will be arranged.

Anyone volunteering as a (qualified) medic / first-aider will be taking on a lot more, and therefore will be bribed accordingly! These guys will be paid onto a Heli-trip I’m organising with HeliBike Nelson on Royal or Wakamarina the following week. (Or if they can’t make it, a voucher for an equivalent trip in the future). Oh yeah and if anyone ever wants a trip to the French Alps in the future for some truly awesome biking – you’d know who to ask for both a place to stay, or to show you the best routes!

If you are not an MTBer, you could still have a great time as a volunteer (on foot) and your help would be very much appreciated – I’d be happy to offer other non-MTB thankyou gestures…..just name your price!


Timing Marshalls

At Start and Finish of each stage. Get involved in the manual timing of riders and controlling the start times. Aid with relaying comms in the event of an accident. Walk or Ride down the trail after last rider to sweep and clear course marking. (This is a pretty fun job, bearing in mind the unique pairs format and how the timing has to be done as a physical “check” by the timing marshall – it gets pretty hectic sometimes!)

General Course Marshalls

Road Crossings, to direct riders at junctions, etc – General Assistants – eg to help out at welcome / sign-on, lunchtime, etc


PHEC qualified first aider (on-bike) – Doctor, Nurse, or equivalent. (On foot or on Bike)


Someone ideally with their own 4×4 vehicle and bike rack who is happy to act as a general run-around on the day – marshall support, emergency standby, etc (not for general shuttles). Fuel and expenses would also be covered for the vehicle, in addition to the heli voucher and any other appropriate bribes needed!


Email Ali@trailAddiction.com