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Firstly, this really is a TEAM event, and the results are calculated to emphasise and encourage real teamwork.
Each team gets only ONE timing chip between them. The second rider to start each stage, wears the chip. The chip requires a manual “dib” or “check” at the end of the stage, and this is done by the finish Marshall, not the rider…who will only do this when BOTH riders are together at the end of the stage. In other words, you will get a better time if you stick together from start to finish and the lead rider actually “tows” the slower rider into the best lines. If the lead rider messes up, takes a line or misses a corner, this is the queue for your race parter to dive through the gap and take over the lead, saving yet more valuable time. There is certainly no time advantage at all, if the faster rider just blasts on ahead. Stopping mid-stage for spontaneous high-fives on the course is permitted, but not recommended.

Sure thing! Just check the box on entry, and you can opt yourself out of the overall results and rankings. You will be given an individual printout of your stage times to compare with your mates, or just to keep to yourself if that’s how you want to play it.

The Enduro2 philosiphy is: The only TIME that counts, is having a GOOD-TIME!

No. Based on your self-seeding answers upon entry, you will be allocated a start-wave time. Fastest riders go first. You will ride the course in a pre-allocated order, but you are free to start each stage whenever you like. Your only limit is to make it around the course, before the final cut-off times (which are generous). Gentleman’s rules apply – if a faster team want to dive in before you, its probably best to let them go first. Maximum time between teams will be 20 to 30 seconds, but there is no minimum gap…4 and 6-rider party-trains are very much encouraged at Enduro2!

Enduro2 is a pairs-only event, but its also the perfect way to make some new riding friends. If you are looking for a race buddy, post on our event-specific Facebook page and we’ll hook you up!

WIAORA GORGE ENDURO2: Fear not, this is no Dodzy Memorial! Trust us, we are ONLY riding Gorge Grade 2 & 3 trails – but being honest, this is Real-World Grade 3 (Blue) with a good helping of Grade 4 (Red) sections. However the format and relaxed, no-pressure vibe of Enduro2 means that there really is ZERO pressure to ride something if you are not feeling up to it. Get of and walk if you are worried. There is certainly no big exposure, drops, or any features where your wheels need leave the ground (not unless you want to, in which case go ahead, shred away big fella!) On the other hand, there is plenty here to keep the stronger riders interested…if you are getting bored, we reckon you simply aren’t trying hard enough.

NELSON 3-DAY ENDURO2: Details to follow. Expect a variety of all the best trails in Nelson, but that includes anything and everything from Grade 3 upwards. But nothing is off limits. 🙂

Whilst Enduro2 is definitely an adult-biased event, we absolutely recognise that it’s also the perfect format for father-and-son / mother-and-daughter teams. Enduro2 therefore welcomes entries from experienced riders aged 12 and above, but only if they are riding as part of a 2-person team with their parent or legal guardian.

The age limit to ride without an adult, is 16 years old.

All riders must wear a minimum half-lid helmet at all times whilst on a timed special stages and on liaison stages. Full-Face Helmets or those with a removable chin-guard are also accepted (and we’d always recommend the full-face, just in case the worse happens its better not to have to pay for new teeth as well).

In addition to the helmet, all riders must wear:

  • Full Finger Gloves
  • Knee protection

Riders must also carry at all times during the event

  • A Charged, Mobile Phone. (Pre-Download the Gorge trail map)
  • A waterproof / windproof jacket (Forecast Dependent)
  • Water and trail snacks

Fitness in the endurance / strength conditioning sense, as well as mental focus and determination is more relevant than outright pace and / or climbing ability. That said, entrants will face fairly big days in the saddle (up to 6 stages) on physical trails, in potentially hot conditions. Uplifts will be shuttled but some climbing (800m to 900m vertical in total) is needed to complete the whole course – broken up over several liaisons. Of course, you are welcome to bail out at any time, if you have had enough – and your individual stage times will still count.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed Sex
  • 77+ (Combined Age of both riders)
  • Centurians (100+ Combined Age)
  • E-bike

There will be some modest spot prizes, but nothing more than a pat-on-the-back (and lifetime social media glory and local celebrity status), for the podiums.
On a serious note, see above. Riders of all abilities are welcome at Enduro2 and in our opinion, our last team down is equally as worthy of glory as those standing on the top spots.

Gates open 07:30. First riders depart between 08:30 and 10:00. There is a rolling break included in the race schedule for lunch, between 11:30 and 13:30. We expect participants will complete the course and make it back to base camp between 14:45 and 16:15.

For the first event at the Gorge, we have tried to keep costs as low as possible and hot lunch is therefore provided as a below-cost option at 12 NZD per rider.
The Award-Winning Nikki’s Asian Food Kart is cooking up a mean Thai stir-fry for everyone, served in bio-degradable containers. (Vege option also available). Riders are welcome to bring a packed lunch if they would prefer, but please stock up since its a full day on the hill and THERE IS NO OPTION TO BUY FOOD ON THE DAY. Don’t blame us if you are forced to go hunting for possum to fill a gap between stages.

We’re always happy for more offers of help from both riders and non-riders. We’ll provide food and transport for all volunteers, plus some pretty sweet thankyou gifts. Click here for more info


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