As riders, we prefer living in the right-now, sharing our adventures through high-fives and tears; not through Facebook and Strava.

With this in mind, in 2015 we came up with our own formula of how to ‘do’ Enduro:

3 Days, Max Uplifts, Light on the Bikepark (Heavy on the Natural Singletrack)…

…and most all – 100% raced as a team of 2, tyre-on-tyre with your best riding buddy.

Enduro2 is an intense experience on a personal level, together with a group of friendly, international riders from around the world that are all right there with you and participating for the same reasons as you are.

Everyone is welcome here. Sign-up not necessarily to win, but to participate, to enjoy, to share, and to remember. Alternatively – feel free to go all out for that podium if that’s your thing. 

We don’t mind either way, (just be sure to finish ahead of your mates)…

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