Enduro2 Global Series

As riders, we prefer living in the right-now, sharing our adventures through high-fives and tears; not through Facebook and Strava.

With this in mind, in 2015 we came up with our own formula of how to ‘do’ Enduro:

3 Days, Max Uplifts, Light on the Bikepark (Heavy on the Natural Singletrack)…

…and most all – 100% raced as a team of 2, tyre-on-tyre with your best riding buddy.

Enduro2 is an intense experience on a personal level, together with a group of friendly, international riders from around the world that are all right there with you and participating for the same reasons as you are.

Everyone is welcome here. Sign-up not necessarily to win, but to participate, to enjoy, to share, and to remember. Alternatively – feel free to go all out for that podium if that’s your thing. 

We don’t mind either way, (just be sure to finish ahead of your mates)…

Enduro2 Global Series by trailAddiction

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